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5 Free Courses to Learn Content Writing


On my Facebook page, I saw a message in my inbox. It says, how can I start to be one of those content writers?

The question is general.  So I replied that she can always start with seminars online.  She answered with another ‘How?’

I gave her a link to a MOOC list.  I am guessing that she needs to know what content writing is.  This also gave me an idea – What about creating a list of free online courses for content writing?  For now, I will give these 5 online courses.  I will update the list if I discovered another course to visit.

Feel free to visit the links below to learn!

  1. Writing for the Web (WriteWeb) by Frankie Maden. This is an Open2Study free course.  It has four (4) modules.  It requires 2-4 hours study a day but one can choose to study…

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Home made Mustard.

Great recipe for homemade mustard!

Retired? No one told me!

Who doesn’t love mustard on your Ham or other cold meats??

wholegrain mustard 1

I can get it here on occasions although as it is imported and I know you can’t have everything at local prices…. Once it disappears from the shelves…stock control is not great here…It could be months before you see it again and yes we could stockpile but only so much….A little while ago one of my fellow bloggers Rex posted a great post on how to make your own mustard.

A big cheer went up from me…Well, that didn’t last…. I have got the mustard seeds from here before…but not anymore it’s that black hole of…” we no have, madam”

I tried online and unless I wanted to buy a minimum of a Tonne..yes this is not a typo a tonne of Black mustard seeds.  Or it was we don’t deliver to your area…. mmm

Then salvation came along in the guise of our…

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WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

HarsH ReaLiTy

Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network. This post now has over 2,000 active bloggers waiting to connect in it. I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to view or people to converse with to browse through the comment section and network.

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Upbeat Living:  Gratitude for a Writing Challenge

A great blog post from a UBC blogger friend.

Kebba Buckley Button Speaks

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stress, gratitude, the life you want, Upbeat Living, Kebba Buckley Button

In Upbeat Livingsm, gratitude is a major dimension of living, creating, and getting the life you want.  As it happens, today, I am completing a 31-day writing challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I am feeling overwhelming gratitude.  Here is some of what I’m experiencing gratitude for.

  • The organizers of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman, for setting it up again and running it every 3 months, for a full month each time.
  • The discipline of assembling the components of an article every day: theme, photo or 2, poster, quotes, text, format, publishing, sharing. I can see that time and structure translating to my next project:  getting my new website done.  That seems much easier now.  Bite off, chew, bite off, chew.
  • The core participants, who teamed along most steadily and…

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No More Tangles


I have a toy poodle and the fur on his legs and ears are like a magnet to matting. His skin is also very thin so when I use a sharp wire brush, it hurts his skin. I was very impressed on how well this dematting comb worked to remove the mats but didn’t hurt his skin. I like the two different sizes of combs and the non-slip handle made from silicone gel is very comfortable for gripping. If you want your pet to have an enjoyable grooming, I highly recommend this product. Plus the company donates 10% of their sales to animal rescues and no kill shelters. It’s a win win purchase!

Click on the link to see more information on this great product