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Our Last Trip

I am on day 25 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the suggested topic for today is to write about a trip that was taken.


Our last trip was a few weeks ago when we went up to Ohio to meet with our 20 year old granddaughter’s surgeon.  I was amazed at the number of hospitals in Akron General, which is a part of Cleveland Clinic. I have heard so many great things about this hospital and it made me feel exceptionally relieved when we were told Alex has the top surgeon. He was very thorough in explaining where and what was involved in the large tumor in her left lung.  He didn’t pull any punches and we had thought this appointment was to schedule her surgery.  After the surgeon when over all her past exrays, CT scans, ultra sounds and biopsy, he told us that the tumor started at the top of her lung, down to her T7 vertebra and pushing on her aorta.  It’s a 4″ rare tumor that is feed on nerves. Her heart, lung, and aorta nerves are involved and before surgery, he wanted to do an MRI to see if any of her spinal cord nerves are attached to it.  The MRI was done last Friday, July 22 and we are no patiently waiting for the results so we can get a surgery date. We live about 900 miles away but our bags are packed and will head up as soon as we know the date.  Alex will be in the hospital for about a week, and recovery will be a week or two.  The good thing on her side, she’s young, basically healthy, has a positive attitude and has a gramma and grampa that love her very much!


This is a beautiful prayer quilt that was given to my hubby and me to take up to Alex when she goes in for surgery. The back is loaded with prayers, wishes and signatures by so many people that she doesn’t even know. She will be surprised to see what a large “family” she has.

While some people go on fun trips to far away places, we will always be excited to go on a trip to visit our grandchildren.


My Blog is Still Down

My Blog Is Still Down


My blog is still down and I’m not happy!  I posted yesterday about my blog being blocked due to over usage of CPU’s. I didn’t have a clue as to what that meant but I messaged my grandson who is an internet guru and he helped me migrant my blog to Host Gator.  Since he wasn’t home Friday evening, I emailed Host Gator and asked how to correct the issue.  The tech was very helpful and added WP Super Cache plug in, unblocked the site and told me I was good to go.  This was later Saturday afternoon so I happily got my blog post done for the UBC day 23.  I was happy, I was blogging and I was pleased with the tech support.  But it was short lived and this morning I went to log in and it’s blogged again!!  Grandson was home so he talked with Host Gator and did what was required to get it back.  After he get it up and running, him and I were on Skype doing a class of him showing me how to manual clear my cache since my blog as been so active.  He checked everything, cache was down to zero, so I was good to go.  Within minutes after we hung up, I got the 403 FORBIDDEN ERROR.  This time I didn’t even get an email so I was totally confused.  I emailed them, finally got the generic email saying I’m using too much CPU.  I emailed the confirmation needed for them to give me temporary access to make corrections that I’ve already done, but I haven’t received a reply yet.   I’m not a happy person right now and not happy with Host Gator at all.

Luckily I kept my very first WordPress blog so I can post here for now.

Hopefully I’ll be back on soon.