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I love using coupons and looking for great sales but over time I’ve learned that I have to pay very close attention when the items are being rung up. The other day I got some super deals at CVS. I spent $30.00 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and received $10 Extra Bucks back. Another deal was to spend $15.00 worth of CVS items and receive $5.00 Extra Buck and I received $1.00 Extra Buck with the purchase of Maxwell House coffee. When I do the deals where you have to spend a certain amount, I do my home work before going to the store. I know exactly what I have to purchase for my total to reach the amount needed.
While the purchases are being rung up, I pay close attention to double check. When I made this purchase the other day, I got my receipt but it was missing the $5.00 Extra Buck from the CVS bran items. I knew I had met the correct amount so the cashier called over a manager and she double checked it and agreed but didn’t know why the coupon didn’t ring up so she printed one out.
The total amount spent on my items was over $90.00 but because of the coupons and gift cards, I only paid $18.22 out of pocket! Plus I got the $16.00 worth of Extra Bucks for my next shopping trip.
So my recommendation to anyone that wants to save money, is to pay very close attention when your purchases are being rung up. Sometime the customers behind you may get a big upset, but money is money and I don’t like to lose any!
I hope this has helped you for when you go shopping the next time!