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I have been married to my sweetheart since 1967, have 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I have owned and operated an interior decorating store since 1967 also. My oldest grandson helped me start my blog and I love expressing my feeling on products. My hobbies including blogging are sewing, photography, gardening, and riding my Harley.

My Blog is Still Down

My Blog Is Still Down


My blog is still down and I’m not happy!  I posted yesterday about my blog being blocked due to over usage of CPU’s. I didn’t have a clue as to what that meant but I messaged my grandson who is an internet guru and he helped me migrant my blog to Host Gator.  Since he wasn’t home Friday evening, I emailed Host Gator and asked how to correct the issue.  The tech was very helpful and added WP Super Cache plug in, unblocked the site and told me I was good to go.  This was later Saturday afternoon so I happily got my blog post done for the UBC day 23.  I was happy, I was blogging and I was pleased with the tech support.  But it was short lived and this morning I went to log in and it’s blogged again!!  Grandson was home so he talked with Host Gator and did what was required to get it back.  After he get it up and running, him and I were on Skype doing a class of him showing me how to manual clear my cache since my blog as been so active.  He checked everything, cache was down to zero, so I was good to go.  Within minutes after we hung up, I got the 403 FORBIDDEN ERROR.  This time I didn’t even get an email so I was totally confused.  I emailed them, finally got the generic email saying I’m using too much CPU.  I emailed the confirmation needed for them to give me temporary access to make corrections that I’ve already done, but I haven’t received a reply yet.   I’m not a happy person right now and not happy with Host Gator at all.

Luckily I kept my very first WordPress blog so I can post here for now.

Hopefully I’ll be back on soon.


Great Case for Galaxy S5

20141230_191434_resized        20141230_191506_resized


I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and knew I would need a cover. I looked into a case that was so heavy and bulky and then I found this one. While it has a heavy duty soft silicone case to protect against damage if dropped, it’s the rhinestone bling cover that snaps over the rubber protector that makes people do a double take on this case. The buttons on the side of the phone are still easily accessible as is the camera on the back. But that’s not all, it also comes with a screen protector that is easy to apply to protect the face from scratches. I love pink and with the rhinestones, it really sets the case off. If you are looking for a great case for a great price, I highly recommend you checking this one out.

You can check out the link for more information on this product.

Awesome Scented Candle With Surprise Jewelry

20141226_155739_resizedI have had many scented candles but none have had such a beautiful fragrance as the one I received from Amour Scents. I choose Evergreen Citrus because I love the smell of evergreens. With the mix of citrus it was a wonderful sweet smell. The aroma started as soon as I lite the candle and was carried through out the house. I love it! But that’s not all, I also received a beautiful pendant!

20141226_162752_resized                                                20141226_162921_resized

I started burning my candle at 12:30 PM and by 4:00 PM I could see the foil package. After another thirty minutes, I carefully pulled the foil package out from the candle and let it cool for a few minutes.

I was so surprised when I saw the beautiful blue stone surrounded by smaller crystal stones. I have had other candles with jewels in them but this is by far the best.


When looking at a picture, it’s hard to tell the size so I put the pendant on a penny so you can compare the size.


The candles come in a variety of scents and I can’t wait to try one of the other ones!

If you are looking for a truly wonderful scented candle plus a beautiful surprise jewel, I highly recommend



I love using coupons and looking for great sales but over time I’ve learned that I have to pay very close attention when the items are being rung up. The other day I got some super deals at CVS. I spent $30.00 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and received $10 Extra Bucks back. Another deal was to spend $15.00 worth of CVS items and receive $5.00 Extra Buck and I received $1.00 Extra Buck with the purchase of Maxwell House coffee. When I do the deals where you have to spend a certain amount, I do my home work before going to the store. I know exactly what I have to purchase for my total to reach the amount needed.
While the purchases are being rung up, I pay close attention to double check. When I made this purchase the other day, I got my receipt but it was missing the $5.00 Extra Buck from the CVS bran items. I knew I had met the correct amount so the cashier called over a manager and she double checked it and agreed but didn’t know why the coupon didn’t ring up so she printed one out.
The total amount spent on my items was over $90.00 but because of the coupons and gift cards, I only paid $18.22 out of pocket! Plus I got the $16.00 worth of Extra Bucks for my next shopping trip.
So my recommendation to anyone that wants to save money, is to pay very close attention when your purchases are being rung up. Sometime the customers behind you may get a big upset, but money is money and I don’t like to lose any!
I hope this has helped you for when you go shopping the next time!

Collapsible Strainer


Oh my gosh, was I surprised when I saw how great this strainer was! It is lightweight but holds so much. The silicone is soft but heavy duty. It’s two strainers in one, for small items needing strained, I just popped out the center and when I strained a full pot of macaroni, I popped out the entire inside. The large handle makes it easy to hold and it’s very sturdy. This is not just a strainer, but it is also a steamer! I love steamed vegetables but I don’t like steaming them in metal. With the silicone, there is no metal taste. The strainer is easy to clean and when ready to store, it collapses flat! No space need for bulky items, just hang it in the cupboard for your next meal. I am so impressed with the quality, the sturdiness and the way it takes hardly any space to store. I have added a picture of this product showing how it collapses for storage. I highly recommend this strainer for all your cooking needs.

Click on the link to see more information.

No More Tangles


I have a toy poodle and the fur on his legs and ears are like a magnet to matting. His skin is also very thin so when I use a sharp wire brush, it hurts his skin. I was very impressed on how well this dematting comb worked to remove the mats but didn’t hurt his skin. I like the two different sizes of combs and the non-slip handle made from silicone gel is very comfortable for gripping. If you want your pet to have an enjoyable grooming, I highly recommend this product. Plus the company donates 10% of their sales to animal rescues and no kill shelters. It’s a win win purchase!

Click on the link to see more information on this great product

Fresh Wine Every Time

wine2With this vacuum wine pump, there is no worry about your wine getting stale. This vacuum pump makes it so easy, just add the rubber seal and pump until resistance is felt which removes the air and it preserves the taste of the wine. I also like how much easier it is to use the rubber seal after opening instead of the original cork. This is also great on the less expensive wines that don’t have a cork. With the rubber seal, it keeps the wine much fresher than the metal screw top. If you want to have a delicious glass of wine every time you pour from an already opened bottle, I highly recommend this pump.

Click on the link below to see the picture and read more on the amazing product.