Upbeat Living:  Gratitude for a Writing Challenge

A great blog post from a UBC blogger friend.

Kebba Buckley Button Speaks

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In Upbeat Livingsm, gratitude is a major dimension of living, creating, and getting the life you want.  As it happens, today, I am completing a 31-day writing challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I am feeling overwhelming gratitude.  Here is some of what I’m experiencing gratitude for.

  • The organizers of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman, for setting it up again and running it every 3 months, for a full month each time.
  • The discipline of assembling the components of an article every day: theme, photo or 2, poster, quotes, text, format, publishing, sharing. I can see that time and structure translating to my next project:  getting my new website done.  That seems much easier now.  Bite off, chew, bite off, chew.
  • The core participants, who teamed along most steadily and…

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